Our Accounting Services

Offering a wide range of involvement allows us to meet the distinct needs of our clients. We understand every industry has specific accounting requirements. Our knowledgeable staff takes the time with each client to understand how to best meet those requirements.

Quality of our Work… 
It is our Attention to Detail
that sets our work apart from others

“An accountant is someone who knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing”  – Oscar Wilde

  When starting out, many companies wish to keep as much in house as possible in order to cut costs. On the flip side, when business starts to flourish, it becomes imperative for our clients to hone their crafts and focus on providing excellent service. Consequently, many clients have chosen to delegate all their accounting needs into our meticulous hands. In order to accommodate, while not forsaking the quality of your finances, we offer a variety of services. Whichever situation describes you better, Gold Standard Tax & Accounting is here to empower and propel you to the next level of business.

  • Analysis of previous and current Financial Statements
  • Comparison of books and tax returns filed to verify accuracy
  • Repair and maintenance of chart of accounts
  • Adjustments to assets and liabilities to ensure current book values

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