What is the Earned Income Tax Credit?

Did you know you may qualify to benefit from the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)?Soooo… what is this credit?The Earned Income Tax Credit is a tax credit that has actually helped millions of taxpayers in the past… by getting them more money back. I mean, who doesn’t want more money in…

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Security Conscious This Tax Season

tax season payroll bookkeeper

Unfortunately, many scammers think of tax season as an opportunity to take advantage of others. As always, Gold Standard Tax likes to start Tax Season off with important security and safety reminders – not to install fear, but just to make our dear tax payers “security conscious”.  When it comes…

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Independent Contractor or Employee?

We are always trying to help small business owners with the latest news and law updates to help you run things as smoothly as possible. Recently the Employment Development Department for the State of California released something very helpful to business owners – a checklist of how to identify who…

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The Top Tax Mistakes

payroll bookkeeping small businesses

Small business owners have a special place in our heart. We understand how much work goes behind running a business and how multi-tasking is your speciality when you own your own. We also don’t want you making mistakes when it comes to your taxes, as it could cost you a…

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Beware of a New Tax Scam

beware of tax scams bookkeeping payroll tax liens

At Gold Standard Tax, we always want to ensure your safety and will from time to time update our readers and clients on new scams. You should always be alert for new versions of tax related scams.  The IRS issued a notification for a new property lien scam.  The Property…

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Summertime Tax Tips

Summertime Tax Tip

Summer is here! We hope you are enjoying your summer vacations and are soaking up the sun. Here are some tax tips you can soak up as well… One: Newlyweds If you are getting married this summer, you should report your name change to the Social Security Administration before next…

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